Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Domain and American Idol Randomosity

It's options-ex week. Big shake-ups in $AAPL and $GOOG. American Idol returns (and seems fresh).

And it's Thursday! Just one... more... day...

  • So, seems strange to change the domain from to I've been doing this for a long time here. And now, change? I blame Dr. Jeff. I read his blog about blogging, and it's been in my mind since. LOL. So anyway, once the transformation is complete, I will change the look and feel. Over the weekend probably!
  • Good column up at Marketwatch on the six lessons to learn from Jesse Livermore. I think learning how to lose is most important. It's okay. Don't stress about it. Keep plugging away. The other ones are good, too!
  • I'm pulling for both Apple and Google to make it. I think Apple has enough forward momentum and product buy-in by consumers. They have a much larger customer base than they did 10 years ago. And Google is the other major player.
  • Whatever happened to Microsoft? Oh, they still sell billions, too. But that's not who we think about when we think of innovation, is it?
  • Yes, Jennifer Lopez is very beautiful.
  • Stocks... Still think we're in a correction of sorts. But I could be wrong. Today's finish wasn't then worst thing.
  • I'm liking Jennifer Lopez and Stephen Tyler on American Idol.

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