Thursday, January 27, 2011

Netflix ($NFLX) Shorts Get Smacked!

Nflx 5-dayNetflix reported earnings yesterday and, well, take a look at the 5-day chart. I'd say investors reacted positively and those who were short had a come-to-Jesus moment.

I heard that there were something like 11 million shares short with. 45 mil float.

Holy buckets. There are many folks buying into the belief that either this stock is over valued or that the competition will catch up.

If you listen to the boos you know that I missed the move up and believe that at some point, Google, Apple, Disney, Amazon, Hulu, or whoever will catch up and take market share.

I think wide adaptation will require convenience. Whoever figures that out, wins.

But you have to hand it to Netflix for execution. And a great service.

I love what they do. But I don't own, and thankfully haven't shorted, any shares.

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