Monday, January 03, 2011

January Effect Randomosity

Whoa, Stanford in a blowout.

  • As goes January, so goes the rest of the year? Check out Woodshedder's analysis of the last 60 years and his conclusion. You may be surprised. Or, maybe you won't!
  • Hello, random walk.
  • Calculated Risk is looking for another 5-10% decline in housing prices. After all, what has gone down will always continue to go down, right? Anyway, maybe that means lower property taxes for those who own homes. That's like a tax cut! Heck, if you own your home, or can make payments, and want to stay there for awhile, why would you want the value to go up and your property taxes to increase? Riddle me that, Batman!
  • Larry Kudlow is a bit bullish. He's throwing some adjectives in front of President Obama, like "supply-side" Obama. He even accuses President Obama of reading President Reagan's memoirs and Obama's economic policy as "Reaganomics 2.0!" Gotta love KLo.
  • Global airlines soar into profits. Hmm, I wonder how they'll do if oil keeps going up...?
  • So, I guess the Carolina Panthers will be thinking about drafting the Stanford quarterback, eh? Maybe they should draft as many 350 lb. linemen as they can, who can block first. But, hard to pass up on Luck.
  • If you listen to my AudioBoo from today, I know it sounds like I'm a permabull. Well, except for expecting some sort of economic issues when gasoline gets over $5 a gallon. But I do realize that this bull market will not go up in a straight line. Just that, well, I think the last leg of this bull market will be where greed comes back in and it may be a nice ride.
  • Mark Hulbert says that maybe the January Effect thing is a small cap thing. Somebody should send Woodshedder a memo...

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