Tuesday, January 04, 2011

It's Official: "The Most Difficult Time to Invest" Randomosity

It's the most difficult time to invest in Jack Bogle's lifetime, per Jack Bogle. $$

According to the Vanguard founder, there is "nowhere to hide" these days. Bond yields are pitiful. Dividend yields are pitiful. The whole shooting match is pitiful!

The answer? Low-cost index funds! Who knew? Thank you, Mr. Vanguard Founder, sir!

Anyway, some randomosity to go along with your low-cost index fund:

  • Absence of leadership is the reason du jour for the selloff. Gee, no news headlines or what? Anyway, the slide stopped and the market recovered some before the end of the day.
  • You say potato, I say... The Fed split over economic outlook. Well, gridlock gridlock everywhere, and not a drop to drink. Article says maybe this means the Fed is on the sidelines for now. But I'd think Ben can sway the vote, right?
  • Mega Millions numbers announced. $355 million at stake. I don't know if anyone won. I have some numbers.
  • Apple won't be at CES, but everyone is waiting for their next big announcement.

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