Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Ransomosity

  • imageTGIF.  Another good week for the market.  $$ Remember last year, Santana?  We had nice gains through mid-month, and then WHAM!  Correction.
  • Picture is of Naya Rivera.  Who?  You know.  Santana on Glee!  Don’t pretend that you don’t watch.
  • I am working from home today, which allows me to sleep in.  (Don’t tell my boss).  Anyway, by the time I get up the market has rebounded.  But the WSJ still has the “Materials, Merck Lead Stock Decline” headline up.
  • Still, the market is just above flat so far.  As I type, of course.
  • I think it’s in our nature, or at least mine, to try and time the next pullback.  But one thing I’ve learned, and what works for me, is to be very patient on a pullback and wait for a light-volume retest near the previous highs.  (I say that now, but sometimes I can’t help myself…)
  • $5 Gas Prices Coming to a Pump Near You.  This article lists seven reasons why.  I think supply-demand.  And with economies improving, Santana, we’re going to need more fuel.
  • Gold prices tanking.  I think this money will flow into stocks at some point.  Same thing with the bond market.  Folks are going to start feeling a bit uncomfortable with their declining gold and bond holdings, and move to what’s working: Stocks. 
  • If you’ve read the blog for awhile, you may recall that last summer I powered through all ten seasons of Stargate.  This past week, I started watching Stargate Atlantis.  Really.  So, I’m watching the first season where the “Genii” are trying to take over Atlantis during a hurricane.  And who is on the show as a Genii Private in their army?  Cory Monteith from Glee (not pictured).  Yeah, Finn Hudson (still not pictured).  He’s almost 29 years old, playing a high school kid!
  • Naya Rivera turned 24 this past week.  In case you didn’t know, cookie.

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