Saturday, January 15, 2011

$AAPL to Report Earnings Next Week

$AAPL will report earnings next week, and we will find out the sales numbers for iPhones and iPads. I think Apple's numbers will be amazing. But how much of that is already factored into the stock price?

When it comes to Apple, are folks already "all in?" Will we see a "sell the news" reaction to earnings?

The price targets for Apple have been increased. The projected price ranges from the $400s, $500s, to $1000. It almost looks like the projections from bygone days of Internet mania.

Don't get me wrong. I love my iPhone and iPad. I certainly hope the stock continues to advance, as it is a leading stock and healthy for the bull market to keep its upwards trajectory. In addition, I think that $VZ will help increase Apple's market share and bite into $GOOG's Droid phones and $RIMM's Blackberry phones. (I'm not sure if we should even mention $MSFT's Windows 7 phones here. How are they doing???)

We are now in the middle of January, and this is about where we ran into a correction last year. Just keeping a watchful eye on things...

Looking forward to the earnings report.

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