Thursday, December 02, 2010

Two-Day Rally Randomosity

  • imageStock market has another big day. And financials participate!  Woot!  Stocks capped their best two-day performance since July as better-than-expected retail and home sales painted a brighter picture of the U.S. economy.
  • So, more good economic news.  And once the external stuff that had folks worried last month wane or get resolved (as if they really affect us much anyway), investors turn back on what matters here at home.
  • The lame-duck Congress passes an extension of the Bush tax cuts for folks making less than $250K.  Who thinks the Senate will pass this?  All they have to do is pick off a few Republican senators, right?
  • White Sox add slugger Adam Dunn with a 4-year deal worth $56 million.  Unlike federal government workers, there are no pay freezes in baseball. 
  • Taylor Swift named 2010 entertainer of the year.
  • By the way, best two-day gain in the markets since July. 

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