Thursday, December 09, 2010

Thursday Randomosity!

You are up 100% if you got in the $FRC offering. As I type.

Lesson learned? You can double your money every day with the right stock selection. Wow.

  • If you are at a holiday cocktail party, and someone starts talking about the top twenty concert tours, make sure you show them how smart you are. Memorize the list!
  • House Democrats to block tax cut extension? Sounds like Obama needs to get on the phone.
  • Household wealth up $1.2T in 3rd quarter. So I'm expecting some nice gifts under the tree. Comprende?
  • By the way, Roger Waters is number one in the list.
  • China is hot, but is it too hot? China's economy, to quote the alter ego of New York Dolls frontman David Johansen, is hot hot hot. Name an asset and there are worries that it may be a bubble in China. Several experts, most notably short seller James Chanos, have speculated that China's real estate market is too frothy, for example.. Well, it's a good question. People are worried about that.
  • Feels like week is going by quickly, adding to the pressure that I better start thinking about Christmas shopping...

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