Friday, December 17, 2010

TGIF Randomosity! $$

  • The markets sputtered a bit today into the close.  $$ But it seems as if the December theme continues, and we’ll continue on with the bull move until year end.   Then what?
  • imagePicture is of Bollywood actress Kim Sharma.  Whoa, Nellie. 
  • I just read Robert Reich’s Aftershock, which basically says that the inequality between the rich and the poor caused the 1930’s Great Depression and this most recent Great Recession.  Here’s a post at Naked Capitalism that basically says the same thing.  And it’s shorter than Reich’s book.  I disagree, but always worth a read to see what the other folks are thinking.
  • Friday night is casino night.  Heading there soon.
  • Peter Schiff writes at SafeHaven:  For Whom the Bell TollsThere is an old adage on Wall Street: no one rings a bell to signal a market top or bottom. Yet, I have found that bells do ring; it's just that few people know exactly what sound to listen for.  He says the bell is ringing for bond yields heading north.  So, what to do for income these days if yields are heading up?  Who wants to hold on to bonds that decline in value as yields go up?  So… CD ladder?  Dividend paying stocks?
  • I have the Villanova vs Eastern Washington game on.  A red field.  LOL.  There is nothing wrong with the TV set!  Someone ordered the wrong color of Astroturf!  “We’re all out of the green Astroturf, and sent our last blue Astroturf to Boise State.  We do still have the red Astroturf in stock.” Er….
  • So, I’m still big in the Nasdaq 100 types, and wondering…. hmm, what to do heading into a new year with negative divergences showing up on the charts.  At some point, it’s going to matter.  But, historically, the third term of a President is usually pretty good.  So… dot dot dot…  hmm.
  • Hey, I haven’t done an AudioBoo lately.  Sheez.  What is that?  Okay, more coming. And say, if you have an AudioBoo, share the link in the comments.  I’d love to listen!
  • For those of us who are Mark Hulbert fans, his latest notes that there is a disintegrating wall of worry, and sentiment is very bullish.  The HNNSI currently stands at 73.3%, which is disturbingly high. The only other occasions this year when this sentiment benchmark got any higher were early November and late April/early May. Both occasions turned out to accompany stock market highs — and in the earlier case came immediately before the infamous Flash Crash and severe May-June correction.  Although, I’ve noticed a lot of folks warning us that sentiment is too bullish lately!
  • President Obama signs the tax package into law.  OMFG!  It’s the third term of George W. Bush!
  • I went Christmas shopping today.  I think I wrapped it all up, literally, in one day!
  • One more of Kim Sharma before I head to the Indian Casino!  TGIF!


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