Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rebalancing on the Clock (Tick, Tick, Tick)

Only a few days left on the trading calendar, and some folks are wondering about rebalancing their portfolios.

Well, I wouldn't sell gains in a non-tax deferred account and incur a tax hit in the 2010 tax year. And hopefully nobody out there has too many losers. But this is a decent article on the options out there.

(Of course, the picture was edited just a bit. See if you can spot the edit.)

I remain 100% long and do not have a loser to sell in this tax year, but still am debating on whether or not to lower my beta for 2011. My thought (this isn't the official prediction...) is that we'll see some volatility in January, and then a resumption of the uptrend into the Spring. I'm going to go the easy route and say there will be some trading ranges and volatility that will be tradable for of us who like to do market timing. Duh. Stating the obvious, right?

Looking at the picture, were you able to find Los Angeles Lakers girl Angel somewhere amongst the text?

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