Friday, December 10, 2010

People Watching at $MCD

I mentioned in the AudioBoo the other day that $MCD was taking a price hit, then joked that maybe I'd swing through the drive thru and order some fries to help out.


I am working from home today, but made a quick run to Starbucks. There were 50 people in line, (screw that), so I went across the street to McDonalds instead.

I hit the interview hour.

Behind me, as I sit and sip a coffee and a snack, I have been able to catch a little from four interviews. Lots of middle aged folks are trying to get some work. I've seen two Hispanic folks, a person from India, and a black. The latter is talking right now, and she was recently let go from a call center. One of the Hispanic folks did not have an ID and the manager said she could not hire him without one.


I'm reading Robert Reich's book Aftershock, about the growing inequality between the rich and the poor. Mostly I think he's full of tired talking points, but I'm sure seeing some of that side of it here.

I hope the economy speeds up a little soon. People need better opportunities than working at McDonalds. These should be young folks applying, not seasoned people trying to get just anything.

Now a cute 20-something Hispanic is here, having just lost her job from an elder care facility.

Well, if I don't head home and do some actual work, maybe I'll get canned, too.

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