Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Randomosity

The market meanders...

  • $NFLX up 225% in 2010. I don't think it will do that in 2011. Yes, I missed it. I went over it in the early AudioBoos (link to the right). I think there is a low barrier to entry in technology these days, and was worried that other, larger, companies would come in and dominate the sector. Much like Netscape eventually lost out in the browser war, even though they had the early lead. But, Netflix has been making deals and lining themselves up for the future. We shall see if Google TV or Apple TV make significant inroads on Netflix's business.
  • At Barnes and Noble, Ebooks out sell hardcopies. That makes total sense. Between the ipad Nook app and the Nook itself. I have been reading ebooks since I had the iPad. I like the experience. And the Nook app is a fantastic reader. (To be honest, all of the ereaders work for me).
  • I've also been reading ebooks checked out from the library website using the Bluefire Reader app, which allows the epub format.
  • Electric car sales slow. Looks like Nissan sold 10 Leaf electric cars the last couple of weeks, and GM sold just north of 250 Chevy Volt cars this year. I wouldn't sound the alarm bell just yet, but I'm thinking that these cars will be busts. Just a hunch. Very pricey. Very limited. Run on coal.
  • Quite a few good bowl games yesterday. I thought the penalty to the K. State salute was a bit much, but rules are rules. Washington surprised me in dominating Nebraska - especially after the home drubbing to the Cornhuskers earlier in the year. Tennessee imploded against North Caroline.

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