Sunday, December 26, 2010

More Day After Christmas Randomosity!

Last week of 2010. I hope you made a ton in the stock market this year. We have now had two good years. It's easy to understand some of the confidence and positive sentiment coming back into equities.


  • A Dash of Insight takes a look at interpreting investor sentiment. Dr. Jeff asks "If everyone else is bullish, should you be bearish?" A must read in my opinion. We hear so much about sentiment these days that it's important to take a good look at it. I love the Norm Fosback reference. Bonus points!
  • John Dorfman likes Intel and Goldman Sachs for 2011. As investors make their resolutions for 2011, many should resolve to take on more risk. John believes that most folks should have a large stake in equities. About 60% or so. And, to make sure to take a long-term view.
  • Rams vs. Seahawks game for next week moved to Sunday night. No, not because of global warming snowstorms, but for the division championship between two under-.500 teams!
  • Okay, so I have been playing some Halo on the XBOX 360. Kind of fun. Always a challenge for me to play with remotes that have 5000 buttons and joysticks, but seem to have made some headway in this game. Single player, of course.
  • Talking tech and building an empire from podcasts. Okay. Guilty. I download Leo Laporte's podcasts. I subscribe to the tech guy and ipad today. And I respect Leo's opinion and those of his callers and guests. It does influence me. So I understand the high advertising costs. It's the right target audience to pitch tech products and services.

  • Picture is of Lakers girl Dora. Just saying'...

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