Monday, December 27, 2010

The Monday After Randomosity

Well... candy and cookies.


  • Holiday sales up! Holiday sales up 5.5%, dashing the fears of pessimists everywhere. Okay, anecdotal story here is that I was at a Wal-mart on December 23rd and it was a zoo. So I'm in the video game section shopping for the little niece, and some guy comes in clamoring about ordering a Sony PS3 online and then being told it was ready for pick up. But then the manager said there were none in stock. So a shouting match ensued. While I was in line to buy, about 4 other people came in asking for the PS3 and weren't happy that there were none in stock.
  • Everyone is bullish, in case you've been hiding under a rock and have missed every financial headline lately warning us how everyone is bullish. With major U.S. equity indexes up by double-digit percentages this year and optimism rising for the economy in 2011, measures of professional investors' sentiment are showing high levels of confidence about more market gains in the new year. But as the number of bulls increases it raises the risk that the market party is getting closer to peaking, because there may be relatively few people left to be pulled in.
  • Teena Marie gone.
  • LeAnn Rimes engaged. LeAnn Rimes Gets Engaged To Eddie Cibrian. 'It's been an incredible last few days. I was shocked!!!' singer tweets. Efficient markets. It was priced in. Net effect on the news? A flat day. Sure, an initial gap down when the stupid money sold the news. But, that was bought up by cooler heads.
  • Israel says fences are unmended with Turkey. And I'm just being honest here, but if those two countries can't agree on a simple fence, how are they going to come together on the more complex issues? Like, say, a barn?
  • Sure. This Falcons vs Saints game was labelled as something exciting to watch, yet... Pretty boring.

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