Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After Christmas Randomosity (and Crystal Harris!)

  • NFL postpones Vikings at Eagles game because of global warming. A blizzard is heading to Philadelphia, and the NFL is concerned about rising ocean levels threatening public safety. Can't be too careful.
  • How'd you make out with the Christmas gifts and celebrations with friends and family? I do like giving more than receiving, but I received some cool things. I usually end up with lots of gift cards. I did receive some of those, but also some stuff that was quite unexpected. Plus, I am loaded with leftovers.
  • Hugh Hefner to marry 24-year old Crystal Harris. This is the third marriage for Hef. You know, Holly Madison must be ticked off because she wanted to marry Hef. But, Holly is no spring chicken.
  • Did you read about the controversy between MobileRSS and Reeder? These are newsreader apps for the iphone and ipad, and I have been using MobileRSS. But, pretty cheesy that MobileRSS has basically swiped the design and features from Reeder. So, I bought and downloaded Reeder - for both the iPad and iPhone. I think it's the right thing to do. The folks working on Reeder deserve to be paid for their great newsreader. It syncs with your Google reader subscriptions, and has a brilliant interface. Take a look if you have an iOS device.
  • Global Warming also shuts down planes, trains, and busses (probably automobiles, too) in the North East, as snow and blizzard conditions strand passengers.
  • I received an XBOX 360 plus the Kinect. Totally unexpected. So, I've been playing Kinect Adventures. Er, I mean Halo. LOL.
  • Negotiation advice for Crystal Harris. Looks like Hef is worth $43 million and will likely have a pre-nup. Take a look at Forbes' advice! You think Hef would have more of a fortune, but then HE HANGS OUT WITH YOUNG HOT WOMEN. The rest of his money, he just wasted. (As they say).
  • Of course, what I was really hoping for was a crystal ball. How else am I going to time the market and make football bets? Unless I have a gift card for that store, it will have to wait until next year...
  • Investor sentiment: Extremes persist. The markets don't have to go down just because everyone is bullish, but if you are a "believer" and buyer at these levels, then you will need to identify a market top and get to the exits before the next guy to extract profits. This is a very crowded trade and identifying the top is a tall order.

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