Monday, November 29, 2010

Home Sick Randomosity

  • Hello, market reversal!  After starting out the day in a Tryptophan stupor, the market reversed and closed near the highs.  Now we’re heading into the end of the month strength period (we shall see).  Everyone started out worried that the Ireland bailout wasn’t enough, but then decided they couldn’t pass up on the Cyber Monday deals on Wall Street once the Dow was down 160.
  • imageI remain 100% long.  Still watching but not finding a compelling reason to bail.  I know you want to walk away from a winning slot machine while you still have a bunch of credits, but not sure this is anything other than a normal, healthy, pullback.
  • Of course, I could reallocate at any moment, but haven’t yet.
  • Picture is of Jamie Chung.
  • Did you listen to the AudioBoo where I talked about the iPad app Bluefire Reader?  Checking out library books on the iPad!  For free!  Pretty good reader, too.  Works as you’d expect all ebook readers to work.  I checked out a book this afternoon from my local library.
  • Yes.  Home sick. Good grief.  Achoo.
  • China is distancing itself from ally North Korea and has indicated a willingness to accept Korean unification under the South’s control, according to a U.S. diplomatic cable provided to the Guardian by
  • I think China is all about economic expansion.  I bet North Korea falls with new leadership relatively soon.  There is no reason that a good dose of capitalism can’t help out a struggling and starving North Korea. But it will take time, patience, education, and money.
  • President Obama proposes a Federal pay freezeThe freeze, which would require congressional approval, would affect about two million workers in 2011 and 2012 and save just $5 billion, a tiny fraction of the current $1.3 trillion annual budget deficit. The GOP has called for much bigger reductions in federal spending and has specifically targeted the federal work force. Well, not much.
  • Why am I not watching Football yet?  Well, I’m in a few fantasy leagues.  In the two that matter most, I am losing by razor thin margins.  Two weeks ago I was the 2nd highest scoring team and lost.  Last week I lost by .5 points.  This week I tied but lost the tie breaker.  Basically killing that league.  In the 2nd league that matters, I am the 3rd highest scoring team of 16 teams, but can’t win the weekly matchups and look to be out of the playoff picture. Again, I’m the 2nd highest scoring team this week, and losing.  LOL.

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