Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Election Night

imageWatching election coverage on Fox.  I suppose all news junkies are at this point.  I got take out from Panda Express and settled in with a large iced tea for the evening.

I think the election went as expected.  Maybe a few races here or there went one way or another unexpectedly, but the results are that the Republicans now run the House of Representatives and the Democrats have a smaller majority in the Senate.  The GOP also picked up some governorships and some seats in statehouses around the country.

I’ll be up for a few following Twitter and other blogs, with Fox News on in the background.

The stock market rallied nicely today.  Now we will see if tomorrow is a sell the news day, or if we go up because things went as expected with no major surprises.  I remain 100% long.  I am somewhat worried of a correction coming, but the election year pattern seems to be playing out.

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