Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Sky Will be Falling... Soon

Well, the warnings are being shouted from the mountaintops that this unexplainable rally is going to end. Here's another from CNBC.

And the guy's name would have to be Busch. As if the spelling is supposed to throw us off. Pffft.

So, yeah, another up day in the market. The leaders did well, but decliners slightly lead advancing stocks. Bank stocks lagging badly. Heck, lagging is an overachieving word for our financial institutions.

But maybe the biggest financial institutions out there are the large companies with millions or billions on the balance sheets. They have the power to buy up other companies. They can shower investors with dividends. They can send some cash my way. (Pay Pal is my email, fwiw).

Anyway, I remain long yet even with the Black Box on a sell signal and the avalanche of warnings from people smarter than me. I just can't sell with stuff I own going up.

Well, not yet.

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