Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Night Blockquote Randomosity

I'm not out of control, but I am at an Indian Casino tonight. Losing! So, calling it quits. But not before I drink a mocha on them. But let's face it, this free mocha cost me a few bucks.

France riots as the Evil Sarkozy Regime raises the retirement age from 60 to 62.

Police estimated some 825,000 people marched in cities across France to protest President Nicolas Sarkozy's plan to extend the retirement age to keep pension coffers full. That is fewer than during an Oct. 12 march -- and far lower than the union estimate of 3 million. But unions are not relenting in fighting for what the French see as a near-sacred right to retire at 60.


Well, same problem as here. Too lucrative pay at too young of an age. These pension funds assume an unrealistic rate of return. I know folks feel as if they deserve the money, but the actuaries didn't do their jobs.

The Evil Ohio State Buckeyes Regime were booted from their brief one-week claim to #1.
John Clay ran for 104 yards and two touchdowns and James White darted in for the clinching score in the fourth quarter as No. 18 Wisconsin took down top-ranked Ohio State 31-18 Saturday night.


Ah, it's fun to beat the incumbents. Er, whoever is on top. Don't Americans cheer the underdogs? And yes, that was a link to Huffpo. A very readable extreme left wing evil blog regime.

But I don't have their iPhone app! So there!

This doesn't sound like the most environmentally friendly idea ever conceived, but could snow be coming to Phoenix?
PHOENIX (AP) -- An investment company wants to build a Phoenix theme park where children can build snowmen, have snowball fights and sled down a hill -- even when Arizona desert temperatures top 100 degrees.

Catalyst Land Holdings LLC has proposed building the indoor, snow-themed park next to an old Phoenix landfill with help from the city, as well as a state law that allows cities to provide tax-exempt bonds for theme parks.


I call Copy Cat. There is one of these things in the Middle East somewhere. I'm looking at you, Dubai. I know because I saw it on The Amazing Race. Well, here we have Humankind doing what God himself is unwilling to do: let kids have snowball fights in the desert. Should be fun.

Okay, let me be a neocon for a sec. Check this ABC headline out:
As Democrats' Message Lags, GOP Awaits Huge Wins

Analysts in both parties say all major indicators tilt toward the Republicans. President Barack Obama's policies are widely unpopular. Congress, run by the Democrats, rates even lower. Fear and anger over unemployment and deep deficits are energizing conservative voters; liberals are demoralized.


Oh, I think the American people have gotten the Democrats' message LOUD and CLEAR. You don't see polls like this when folks are fat, dumb, and happy.

Well, the mocha is gone and the Casino is blaring Ashlee Simpson's "Pieces of Me" over the sound system. That's my cue to leave.

See you tomorrow. Football party at mi casa. Who's coming?

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