Sunday, October 03, 2010

I Hate Fantasy Football Randomosity (and Grace Park!)

  • image You know, I love football but Fantasy Football is driving me crazy.
  • Anyway, heading into October after the first of the month and if the bears are going to bring it down, it’s now.
  • Speaking of Crazy, Grace Park drives me crazy.  She’s hot.
  • LA Times endorses Jerry Brown for CA governor.  There’s a shocker.  I’m not going to cut and paste a clip, but the LA Times continues the Democrat Party philosophy that there’s an endless pot of money and if the government just had enough of it, they could do so much good.
  • US issues terror warning for European travel. Gee, nice place ya got there, Europe.
  • One large trader created the May flash crash in the stock market.  …the so-called "flash crash" occurred when the trading firm executed a computerized selling program in an already stressed market.  The firm's trade, worth $4.1 billion, led to a chain of events that ended with market players swiftly pulling their money from the stock market, the report said.
  • I’ve recorded Hawaii Five-0, but haven’t watched it.  I might have to open a bottle of wine and press Play.
  • Back to the Bears-Giants game.  What a snoozer.

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