Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Five-Month Highs and the Fidelity iPad App

Whoa, catch that market rip today? Is this the whooshing higher for the trend or increased market volatility leading to a shaky October?

Or, as FM radio stations would say, Rocktober.

Or, as I prefer to say having some German ancestry, Beertober.

Here is a screen cap of the Fidelity iPad app.

As you can see, account access and a financial newsreader.

I remain 100% invested. I feel like I should be selling something, but haven't. Staying the course for now.

It was a bad day for my Chad Henne jerseys to arrive via UPS. I couldn't tell if the driver was snickering over the truck noise, and I may have just imagined him saying "Nice jerseys, dude."

I bought orange and teal jerseys. None of the white jerseys You get a cookie crumb on a white jersey, and you look like a slob. And I'm a messy eater as it is.

Fortunately, I didn't order any jerseys of Dolphins special teams players.

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