Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Fed and $INTC

The Fed and Intel and Brett Favre and Grace Park!

  • The Fed gets credit for the stock rally today. More easing/stimulus on the way. Quantitative Easing. How about some Qualitative easing. Hey, my iPhone spell checker says qualitative is a word. Cool.
  • Yes, that is a pic from the Fox Business app. Don't go bonkers. And the good news is that Intel had a decent report and is acting well after hours. That's very important. Let's see if it holds tomorrow. If reaction to earnings are positive, that's good news!
  • ESPN Monday Night Football wins male and adult demographics. Shocker? Well, it's not it's going head to head with Dancing With the Stars.
  • Gosh, Tuesday already. October sailing by. I think one cool thing about this month is that lots of folks set out bowls of candy.
  • Hawaii Five-0 wins fourth week in a row. I give you Grace Park.

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