Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Cold and Flu Randomosity (and Maggie Q!)

  • imageWell, the market has been on a tear.  I remain 100% long, and wondering when it will all end.  Not seeing many signs of distribution.  Staying with it for now.
  • Yes, I have a flu or a cold or something.  I think a flu.  Anyway, hit me the last day in Reno and now I’m just hanging out at home sleeping.
  • Picture is of Maggie Q, star of Nikita.  Which, I have yet to watch but, you betcha, I’m recording it.
  • The Federal Reserve is worriedSuggesting more bond purchases to stimulate growth could soon take place, Fed officials said at the end of their one-day policy meeting they are uncomfortable with the recent, very low levels of inflation, adding they expect the economy's recovery from a deep recession to be modest in the near term.
  • Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared Tuesday that capitalism faces inevitable defeat  Is that because of Obamacare or Christine O’Donnell?  …the Iranian leader blamed capitalism and transnational corporations for "the suffering of countless women, men and children in so many countries."  Gee, those sound like Progressive Democrat talking points.
  • Lindsay Lohan… Paris Hilton…  Bad girls and their cocaine.  Well, obviously here is an example of how women who really have it all, can blow it by making bad choices.  Drug use never made anyone a better person.  Well, maybe it’s capitalism’s fault, Mahmoud.
  • I watched Dancing with the Stars.  Yes, Brandy seems to have an edge. 
  • I mentioned awhile back that I was reading the Ultimate Dividends book.  Seems to me that after the last 10 years in the market, dividend payers have probably trounced growth stocks.  But that isn’t always the case over intermediate periods of time.  And I keep reading stories about how to buy dividend stocks.  So, I’m going to pass for now.  Maybe if the market continues to rally in growth names, I will eventually rotate out into some companies that pay dividends.  But, not now.
  • Hey, Christine O’Donnell way behind in the Delaware senate race polling.  Maybe it’s time for her to cast a spell on the voters!  Okay, kidding aside, I don’t think the election is about witchcraft or masturbation.  Maybe a little about the latter.  But how do you want votes cast on issues like taxes, the budget, and health care?  Because Coons will vote for higher taxes, more deficits, and to keep Obamacare.  It’s up to the Delaware voters, of course.

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