Friday, September 24, 2010

The Market Week

I mentioned in a previous entry and in the AudioBoo that I think the end of the quarter window dressing could provide a lift in the market. Still hanging with that thought.

The stock market shook off the doldrums and staged an impressive rally on Friday.

I was looking at the monitor with a few minutes left in the day, debating on whether or not to take some gains. But we have a few days in the month to go, and I think micromanaging this rally is overkill. I will think about it more over the weekend.

Getting ready for cooler whether. I did some house and yard work, and bought some pellets for the pellet stove.

Also, I see Netflix is going to start streaming NBC shows. Didn't NBC complain that Apple's $.99 rental price undervalued their shows? So now, they are included for free with a Netflix subscription. Er, okay. Netflix must be paying something. I don't know.

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