Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesday Randomosity

  • I'm 100% long the stock market and see no reason to do anything different through year-end. We're seeing nice ramp-ups into the end of the year in the sectors that have done well in 2009. Sweet.  Of course, January 4th could see some shifting, but that's not today's business.
  • Wow, California lost almost 100,000 residents in 2009.  But they call that an improvement, as over 300,000 left in 2006.  They say folks are staying because they can't unload their homes.  Heck, with the no foreclosure rule, some have figured out that they can stay in their homes without making any payments!  But, net-net,  folks are still leaving.  Just look at this Google search.
  • I mentioned in November that I was re-watching Lost.  I'm a few episodes in to season 5 and they're all back on the island!  It's been really fun to go through the series again.  Thank goodness for online streaming to the family room TV via the Netflix Roku box.
  • I roll my eyes about activists concerned about global warming.  Today we learn that it's not CO2 causing global warming, but CFCs and cosmic rays.  Hey, and it's peer-reviewed!  In my eyes, the gist of it all is that science marches on outside of politics.  When Al Gore said that the science was settled, every alarm bell in an open mind should've gone off. 
  • Not Penny's Boat.
  • Does Amazon buying Netflix make sense?  Maybe.  Can Netflix survive all by itself as other content providers (cable companies, sat dishes, Apple, etc) make it easy to get online video to TV?  Maybe it is in Netflix's best interest to align or be bought by Amazon.  Or Apple.  Or Microsoft.  Or somebody.
  • On the Roku box I mentioned above, Roku has expanded their online offerings for streaming Amazon movies,, and other web videos.  I still just stream Netflix content at this time.  Maybe that's where all my free time is going these days.  LOL.
  • So, how you doing?

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