Monday, November 23, 2009

Thawing Turkey and Sea Lion Randomosity

  • It's Monday. It's Thanksgiving week. One of my favorite weeks of the year! It seems as if the market also is pricing in a nice turkey dinner with all the trimmings and fixings. Market went up about 1.2% across the board.
  • Of course, thawing turkeys are being denied the credit for today's ramp. We have headlines of the day about a weak dollar and better than expected home data getting credit for buyers being over-the-top excited about stocks today.
  • Have you seen the recent flap about global warming data being faked? It doesn't really surprise me, human behavior being what it is. But you wonder how deep this rabbit hole goes, Neo.
  • Have you bought your Hide the Decline t-shirt?
  • LOL, Weird Al Yankovic. Ah, I think I like his versions of songs better than the originals. At least when I try to remember lyrics, I'm singing the Weird Al versions. Really.
  • Is it just me, or is the WSJ website a real computer resource hog? Good grief.
  • Did you read about the guy in Sacramento who was arrested for shooting a sea lion? Foy said that, upon questioning, Legans admitted shooting the sea lion with a 12-gauge shotgun on Nov. 11 while fishing from his boat in the Sacramento River near Verona. A shotgun allegedly used in the crime was confiscated from the home as evidence. "He said he was tired of sea lions taking his fish," said Foy. Sea lions are a protected animal.

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