Friday, November 20, 2009

TGIF Randomosity!

  • cigar As I sat down this morning to blog, the market was tanking, er getting smoked, yet again.  But work intervened and when I came back to my office, things weren’t so bad.  Obviously, the market got hit with the Dell news (as did Dell!).  The WSJ said investors wanted safety today.
  • Hat tip to Market Power (twice) for the link to the College Athletic Graduation Data.  Kind of interesting, and good to know that rates are on the rise.
  • Everyone is rolling their eyes when they hear that employment lags in this economic recover.  Mark Thoma explains why it may be until 2013 that we see employment recovering.  Oh, and there are graphs.  I like graphs.
  • Eyes on health care this weekend!

Sixty votes in the 100-seat Senate are required to clear Saturday's vote, meaning that all 58 Senate Democrats and the two independents that generally vote with them will need to hold together. All 40 Republicans are united in opposition.

"We are not assuming a thing. We are working hard to bring all Democrats together for the 60 votes necessary to proceed to this historic debate," said Dick Durbin of Illinois, the No. 2 Senate Democrat. "I'm hoping that we can muster our ranks."

  • So, I have Dwayne Bowe on my fantasy football team.  Good grief, he’s suspended for 4 games.  So I’m going through the free agent list and looking at picking up some other cast off.
  • I don’t really have an opinion on Sarah Palin’s new book.  Sorry.  I don’t think I’ll read it.  There are many blogs out there commenting on the book.  I wonder how many have actually read it, compared to how many love or hate Palin, and are just reciting talking points?

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