Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Randomosity

  • Well, it will be interesting to see if the market bounces back tomorrow. We are hitting the end of the month and beginning of December, which could see the monthly dollar-cost averaged cash enter the market. Or not. I hope we bounce back from friday.
  • I ordered vegetable udon at a Japanese restaurant tonight. It was a bowl of noodles with just a few sprigs of brocoli and a few carrots, very finely shredded. $9. The broth was okay, but come on $9? The free bowl of miso soup with a few tofu cubes was more hearty.
  • As I lamented on Twitter, I am playing the last-placed team in 2 fantasy football leagues. They have the highest scores in their respective leagues this week. Me? Second highest score. In both leagues. Good grief.
  • Almost done with re-watching season two of Lost. Michael jsu came back and shot Anna Lucia and Libby, while Eko and John found the monitoring hatch under the drug running plane.
  • RSS Player is back in the iPhone app store. Improved version. Crashes here and there but pretty good. During the time it was unavailable I used Drivecast. Will continue to use both. Drivecasts fast forward is broken in current version but dude says next version submitted to apple.

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