Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Market Thoughts

  • The market took a break this past week.  Is it more than a break?  We’re heading into month end, which should be a positive, but the market has had such a run and has seen a bunch of distribution days the last couple of weeks.  I remain 100% long, but I think we’ll see a correction soon.  Why remain long? I just don’t have a feeling for timing or severity the correction. I believe we’re out of the recession and that we’ll see slow to moderate growth in the coming year.
  • How an insurance mandate may make people worse off.  Good column.  I like the phrase “mandate creep.”  You know it will happen.
  • Invest like the best.
  • Silicon Valley Office vacancies near 20%.
  • US Empire in Decline"People have predicted the end of America in the past and been wrong," Ferguson concedes. "But let's face it: If you're trying to borrow $9 trillion to save your financial system...and already half your public debt held by foreigners, it's not really the conduct of rising empires, is it?"  I think he’s right, as folks expect more and more from the government instead of self-reliance.  But hoping he’s wrong.
  • Summary:  Lots of negative news headlines.  Maybe that’s the best reason to stay bullish.
  • From Mark Cuban, the DVR vs. Internet video.
  • Speaking of, I powered through Stargate Universe this past week. Like it enough to keep recording it.  It has similar dark undertones to Battlestar Gallactica.  Another day in Fantasy Football where I play the last place team and they score like crazy. 
    Even though my team is scoring like crazy.  What a frustrating game.  LOL.

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