Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Randomosity

  • The market had a great week.  There were a lot of grumblings last week after two weeks in a row of negative returns, only to bolt back up this week.  I’m still 100% in.  No reason to do anything else right now.
  • Why Lady Ga Ga? I though the Saturday Night Live episode last weekend was pretty good.  So take this picture and “throw it to the ground!”  Nice butt shots on the Disco Stick performance.  LOL.
  • Wow, interest rates are really low.  Under 5% now for a 30-year fixed rate.  It’s great if you’re not upside down on your house!  It may not last, as Bernanke said higher rates are coming with an improved outlook.  Have to act quickly on this, IMHO.
  • Have you been following Mike Murphy’s goal of turning $2000 into $1M?  Hulbert with the details.
  • I think it was cool that Ga Ga was in some skits, too.
  • Working a lot lately.  Starting to grind me down.  Working today, but taking a break. I forgot how blogging is a little like therapy for me.  Blog more, Muck.
  • Barack Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize.  Now there’s a brain teaser.  Good commentary:  “Something doesn’t feel right.”
  • Tax hikes to cover government workers’ pensions?  A taxpayer group found an apparent link between high public employee pension costs and tax hikes in a study of 17 cities in San Diego County.
  • Tech stocks have had a great run, and next week the big earnings numbers start rolling in.  Intel on deck…
  • Nobel Prize for best place to live?  Norway.  You’ve gotta be frakkin’ with me now.  Hey, sign me up for a summer vacation.  But live there year round?  Norway, the land of fjords, Vikings, vodka, and blonde hair, is now also the most desirable place to live, according to the United Nations
  • Disco Stick.

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