Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Pre-season Rally!

The market rock and rolled again today. Amazing that we're seeing this after the quarter-end and early month 401k adds. We had two negative weeks in a row, and now when you think that we'd see some weakness, two nice days up.

Go figure. Screw historical patterns. Ride the trend.

Earnings season about to get under way, so maybe this is all pricing in some forward-looking optimism.


NBA pre-season games? WHAT? Wow, here we are!

I see Minnesota Twins beat the Detroit Tigers in the one-game playoff. Amazing that 162 games later, it all comes down to one game. Why even play the other 162? Heck, with extra-innings, too. Maybe they should have just played extra innings from the start and not waste all our time.

Work is very busy. I'm sad that I don't have much break time or lunch time to surf the web and keep up with my favorite blogs. Usually, I venture around and comment on stories and blogs, but really have been so under the gun at the Fun Factory that I don't have time to glance at the iPhone.

The other sad thing is lack of work outs and exercise. Yeeesh, gotta get back on that or else that Halloween candy will take a toll...

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