Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday's Reversal and Distribution Randomosity

  • The market had a nasty reversal yesterday. Opened up nicely and then just cratered.  IBD has the market under pressure and noted that we've now had 9 higher volume declines, calling it "worrisome."  IBD also tells investors to carefully mind their holdings.  (LOL).
  • Well, the Washington Redskins also had a distribution day on Monday night, with another high volume loss. 
  • Is Harry Reid gambling on a health care public option that allows states to opt out?  I think it would be funny if all 50 states opted out.  Hey, would it still be nationalized health care if everyone opted out?
  • Perhaps the Washington Redskins need a public option. 
  • I love RSS Player for the iPhone, and was looking forward to the new release out yesterday.  Unfortunately, it didn't install correctly.  The software writer has notified Apple of the problem.  But RSS Player has been my most used app, as I listen to lots of podcasts.  Frustrating! 
  • Back to the work at hand...


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