Friday, October 30, 2009

Market Getting Smoked!

  • image Whoa Nellie, the market is tanking.  Yesterday, we had a feel good bump but today we’re getting a feel bad thump.  We had an early “quote delay issue” and then Traders also pointed to comments from billionaire investor Wilbur Ross on Bloomberg Radio Friday, saying a "huge crash in commercial real estate" is beginning, as adding to the worries across the financial sector. Mr. Ross, the chairman of W.L. Ross & Co. LLC, said occupancy and rent rates are falling while the rate of return that potential investors are seeking is rising.
  • So, yesterday is looking like a one-day wonder in this down trend. I thought maybe it was end of month stuff kicking in, but it all seems a bit larger than that.
  • Inexact climate models:  Is the earth warming?  Is the earth cooling?  It all seems to be a guessing game with each side (alarmists vs. deniers) providing their quotes from science gurus far and wide, but the politicians want to take immediate action!  "There is a lot of room for improvement" in the models, says Mojib Latif, a climate scientist in Germany and co-author of a paper predicting the planet will cool for perhaps a decade before starting to warm again -- a long-term trend he attributes to greenhouse-gas emissions. "You need to know what you can believe and can't believe from the models."
  • Hey, if you want to reduce CO2 it seems the best way is to build nuclear power plants and run cars on natural gas – until scientists figure something else out.
  • Did you see that spending dropped .5% in September?  Wasn’t me. But with the cash for clunkers ending and a soft job market, folks are worried.  Hey, employment is just a laggggging indicator!

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