Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New Month, New Tone

More late day selling. Tone of market has changed. Or maybe it's confirming some of the toppiness behavior exhibited in recent weeks. IBD changed their stance last night to market under pressure. The market seems to have priced in the improving economic numbers and is wondering "what's next?"

Overall, I remain long-term bullish. I remain long, but may lower my beta or even raise a little cash. Maybe a little of both cash raising and beta lowering. I'll blog when I do it!

Laszlo Byrini made a great comment this morning on CNBC, about how in many bull periods we rarely see pullbacks of more than a few percent. If that's the case here, is it really worth trying to capture a 2-3% move?


Heading to the California State Fair today! I tend to skip the fried greasiness, but love the vendor space where they sell little gadgets and gizmos. ... I have three fantasy football drafts over the next week, starting Thursday night! ... September? Sheez!

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