Thursday, September 24, 2009

Market Slides Again

If I had to guess, I'd say the market is trying to put in its September-October slide. Everything seems to be set up for it.

Reading around here at lunch, and it looks like there is lots of talk about the US dollar. Easy to understand, because we (the US) are spending so much money that we don't have, it's hard to see any turnaround. Yes, it had a big bounce today but that's in a very impressive downtrend.

Remaining 100% long stocks, keeping an eye on stuff but not in panic mode.


My home office is in disarray and torn apart. Bringing in some new furniture this week, a new LCD TV, and a new PC next month (Yo! Windows 7!).

Maybe I'll try one of those energy efficient LED TVs. Something that wouldn't contribute to the heat in the office. Although I'll need the heat the coming months! Hmm...

I've been in cleaning mode this week, throwing away stuff, shredding stuff, and trying to get ready for the New Look. Can't wait.

Blogging activity will (should) return to normal as this new work project I'm on settles in and the home activities calm down. I miss posting the cheerleader pictures and random stories from around the web. Just haven't had much time to surf around!!!

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