Monday, September 28, 2009

End of Quarter Ramp

The market shot out the gates today. We have month-end strength and quarter-end ramp in effect as the race to be in the winners begins. Seemingly, anyways. It makes more sense than being excited about Iran' s nuclear program.

When it happens it seems obvious. Everyone wants to print those winning stocks in the quarterly literature.

I remain invested. No reason to sell, yet


Iran's nuclear program presents a problem. My thought is that they are trying to enrich uranium for bombs and that the world will not be a safer place when they have nukes. And when they can supply nukes to terrorists.

My new boss likes to have status meetings at lunch time. What? That's cruel and unusual punishment.

Fantasy football driving me nuts. Injuries!

Chad Pennington out for the season and Chad Henne to take over. I didn't have much hope for the Dolphins. Nice to watch Henne and see if he can play the game.

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