Friday, August 28, 2009


The week ended with the same sort of choppiness that has been the norm lately. I still have this feeling that a whoosh down is coming sooner rather than later, but remain 100% long at this time. If I had to make a guess, it'd be that we'd see the market stay afloat this next week heading into Labor Day but then run into trouble after the holiday.

That's just a guess. I've heard and read similar guesses elsewhere, which makes the guess suspect. LOL.

I'm still long, concentrated in tech and small caps. It's tempting to rotate into lower beta holdings and maybe take some of the amazing gains off the table. Again, haven't done that yet.


* I'm in three fantasy football leagues! Good grief! Drafts over the next 2 weeks.

* I was looking for NFL gear on the NFL site today, and adding things like gym shorts, pajamas, and jersies to my shopping cart. But when it came to check out and pay, I thought "$300 for a bunch of crap? Nah." Then closed the window. A cyber version of filling up the grocery cart, then abandoning it in the aisle.

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