Monday, August 10, 2009

Looking for Catalysts!

  • Note to self: The beginning of the NFL pre-season is not a stock market catalyst.
  • The stock meandered around (mostly down) for the day, and closed slightly down. The market has had an amazing run and is quite extended.  It would be normal to get some profit taking and sideways action until the buyers regroup.  It also seems as if we're waiting for some news to react to.  The Fed meets this week, so that could provide some catalyst for something.
  • Sorry, Vince Young.  You're just not a market mover!
  • I remain 100% long, and realize that a 5% to 7% pullback is likely somewhere on the horizon.  Many have been trying to front run that, and have guessed too early and missed the next bump up.  I believe the market is pricing in a better economy.
  • Man, granola sure is a messy snack.  I need to vacuum my workspace here.  Sheez.
  • People are searching less for "great depression" these days. H/T to Carpe Diem.
  • Weekend?  Worked some, as things have been hectic at the Fun Factory.  Also finished season 3 of Heroes via Netflix streaming.  Got a bike ride in.  Hung out with friends a couple nights.  I'm kind of into the Blue Moon beer these days.
  • Ted Nugent, Double-Live Gonzo, Cat Scratch Fever.  LOL.

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