Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Last Weekend in August

Heading in to the week, 401k additions could help keep a bid under the market in the month-end seasonal thing. I still feel a correction is coming sooner rather than later, but have held on to my longs as the bears haven't been able to gain any traction. Yet.

Here's a good commentary on the deficit and taxes. Nobody seems to care about all the red ink being produced in Washington DC these days. But it does matter.


If feels sad that August is ending and we head into September. I think that's a psychological hangover from childhood. As an adult, work is 52 weeks a year! Plus, football season is starting! ... Went to a barbeque/pool party yesterday in the 104 degree heat. Lots of shady spots and a pool made it nice outside. ... Watching Little League World Series.

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