Sunday, August 23, 2009

IBD Whipsawed! Uptrend Resumes

I hope you weren't whipsawed by IBD this week. They went from a market in correction Tuesday morning to uptrend resumes this Monday morning. Even worse, is if someone acted on that first thing Tuesday or Wednesday morning, that was near the lows of the correction.

The market resumed the rally and closed out a strong week.

You know, I keep expecting seasonality to be a factor. But it's been the exact opposite. We're rallying this summer. I haven't sold anything and I'm looking for reasons to sell. Nothing yet. I've been close a few times to at least reallocating to a lower-beta, but haven't.


Blogging has been light. Work is overwhelming and I feel out of touch with current events. I assume health care is still the rage of talk shows? I did hear that the Miami Dolphins have two players with the Swine Flu. Working this weekend, but I have managed two bike rides and jumping in the pool afterwards.

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