Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tuesday Night Update

  • global coolingjpeg IBD has the market uptrend under pressure.  Surprised they didn't change that one to something more dire.  Just saying.
  • Despite almost a dozen years of cooling temperatures, the global warming crowd is mandating white roofs in California's hottest areas. ...  What caught me was this from the reader comments: Shame on you deniers! What a marvelous idea Rosenfield has, we shouild also follow up with a thin layer of white paint on all the worlds oceans, dark grreen vegetation and the granite in the Sierra Nevada mountains.
  • Overall, not a bad idea as it will save folks some money on energy. Of course, this means that homes in CA will also be cooler in the winter, requiring more natural gas and electricity (from coal and nat gas) to heat their homes.  Maybe they need reversable roofs, black for winter and white for summer.
  • Torchwood coming back July 20th.  Set the DVR!
  • Dr. Who the week after.  Last one with David Tennant.
  • Didn't watch the Michael Jackson funeral.  You?   While everyone is remembering him fondly, also remember the lesson learned from this.  Seems to me that he squandered his talent.  The last 15 years (or so) were a complete mess.   And we have another talent that has fallen to drugs.  Insane.

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