Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday's Tired Thoughts

  • Did you get the feeling early this morning that today would be the day the market got tired? We burst out of the gates, went sideways, and faded at the end of the day.   Still in the green, but late-day selling is new to this rally and may be a sign that the move up is getting tired.
  • The market does seem to be pricing in an economic recovery for later this year and into 2010.  Beyond that?  Too early to tell.
  • Brett Farve has decided to stay retired.  Or has he?  He says he's still practicing.  Just retire Brett and let folks move on. 
  • I'm glad I didn't take the Vikings to win it all in 2009-10.  Now they're back to the quarterback doldrums.
  • Looks like we're going to get some sort of health care package out of Congress sometime this year.  I think this will be one of these things were costs grow at a faster pace than projected, leading to more deficit spending.  Interest payments on the national debt represent money that can't be spent elsewhere, and slows down economic growth.  But why worry about that?  Live in the now, baby.
  • Disney's 3Q profit falls 26%.
  • Could MSG cause weight gain?

Picture is of Ashley Tisdale.

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