Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Morning(ish) Randomosity

  • bips-blackIt’s Saturday.  Lets loosen up the tie and get casual for the weekend.  The stock market continues to ignore the current news and earnings reports from the rear-view mirror.  Of course, we all know the market looks to the future, right?
  • I remain long the stock market.  Nothing to do here just yet except to ride the wave. 
  • WSJ op-ed… The Economy has hit bottom.  The article doesn’t say whose bottom.  I’d think using the plural, “bottoms,” would be more accurate.   
  • The big news this weekend is that the government thought about sending troops into Buffalo back in 2002 to arrest the Lackawanna Six terrorists, but Bush ultimately said no.  Of course, it would’ve been a big violation of the constitution for the government to do this.  We know George Bush would never have done anything to violate the constitution.
  • Accrued Interest writes California’s Budget: Unfortunate that I know the truth?  By my estimation, California actually closed about $15 billion of its $26 billion deficit. Maybe less.  This is a fantastic read for the weekend.  Basically, it won’t be long before we’re reading about the big California budget deficit again.  The new budget just kicks the can down the road and relies on too rosy economic predictions.
  • President Obama, who is on TV more than Leave it to Beaver reruns, again hawks health careA new study by the White House Council of Economic Advisers…  Oh, this study is produced by Obama’s White House.  I’d rather rely on the CBO.  What do you think Obama’s White House Econ Advisers are going to recommend?  Whatever their boss wants!  Ignore.
  • ETFs to fight inflation.  Of course, there is no inflation right now.  But someday, when the jobs numbers start going gangbusters and wages start rising again, maybe we’ll see it.  For now, employers continue to fire people and cut wages.  Oh, and taxes are scheduled to go up next year when the Bush tax cuts expire.  And who knows how much taxes will go up with Obama’s health care package.  All that means less discretionary income for folks to buy stuff. 
  • Downloaded the new version of Windows Live Writer for the home PC to help with blogging.  Looks a lot like the previous version!
  • Rice University has some stuff up on Global Warming.

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