Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Hump Day Thoughts

* At least the market recovered from weakness today. I'm in the summer doldrums and just trying to make it from weekend to weekend. My indicators (aka the Black Box) has been on a sell signal for a while (it was early), but I'm not doing much other than moving some things around. We'll see if that matters or not. Right now my portfolio is going down.

* Earnings season on deck. At least I think it is. LOL. Alcoa today, and they were not as bad as feared.

* I was reading some of the archives. What struck me as horrrrible was when I was poking fun at those citing the inverted yield curve back in 2006. Oopsie. They were right. I was wrong.

* I'm in first place in Fantasy Baseball. Love the app for the iPhone. Listened to the Rockies today.

* Google to release an operating system that will utlimately compete with Microsoft Windows and Linux. I don't know, do we really need a new operating system? Is Google bored and looking for something to do? Are they retaliating for Microsoft's Bing search engine? (Which is pretty good, by the way).

* With Michael Jackson's service yesterday, I was hoping the news would die down and we could all move on. Together. Man, it's still in the headlines and dominating the radio shows.

* When I changed my commenting system to Disqus, it blew away all the old comments. Not that there were that many, but I miss them. Sob.

* I love Google Reader for reading blog feeds.

* Watched a 2001 movie starring William Macy and Neve Campbell called "Panic." Man she's hot. Shudder. Movie? Eh, somewhat entertaining. Middle-aged crisis where Macy finds himself unhappy with his life situation and stumbles into Neve.

* Now there's an idea in there somewhere.

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