Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July Randomosity!

  • moon-bloodgood-burn-notice2 Taking a break from thinking about the stock market - mostly.  The market holiday rally didn't happen, that's for sure.  Earnings season is on deck, and it will be interested to see how companies report their numbers and future guidance.  I believe the economy is improving and the unemployment numbers are lagging indicators.  I think it's likely that the market is in consolidation from the Spring rally and may be in a trading range during the traditionally weaker Summer season.  No need to go out on an investing limb here.  Dollar cost average in, protect gains from the rally, look for spots near the bottom of the trading range, etc. 
  • Hey, how did I miss this?  Moon Bloodgood joins the Burn Notice cast as a last-minute replacement for Jennifer Esposito.  As if I needed another reason to watch.  Great summer show.
  • Adam Warner all over TheStreet's newest investment guru Ron Insana.  Looks like TheStreet has not missed a beat since giving Lenny (Dykstra) the heave ho. Enter Ron Insana, fresh off his wildly successful stint as a fund of funds maven.  As always, Adam's a must read.
  • Drove to Bodega Bay yesterday and down the coast via Highway 1 to Point Reyes.  Did a little hiking.  It was definitely cooler on the coast with a solid fog bank hanging in all day.  But it was very scenic and nice to get away for a day.
  • Phil Jackson coming back to coach the Lakers.  And I thought maybe Sarah Palin was going to be announced as the new coach.
  • From Calculated Risk, Another Wave of Foreclosures.
  • Sarah Palin: What the hell?  Is it scandal?  Is it the 2012 election?  Is it a TV gig with Fox or a stint as Michael Westen's adversary on Burn Notice?  Is she Penthouse Miss July?  What's going on?  And SNL is on Summer Break! 
  • The environmentalist knuckleheads want to make the 4th of July "greener."  Seems that fireworks threaten the environment.  Good grief.  As always, it's best to ignore those nincompoops!
  • Quote of the day:  Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the Democrats believe every day is April 15.  -Ronald Reagan.

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