Friday, July 10, 2009

The Friday Once Over

  • Who can blame Presidents Obama and Sarkozy giving her the once over? Anyone who has not shot a glance at a nice rear end, please step forward. 
  • Another day where the stock market does nothing.  I hope you're enjoying your Summer and not paying too much attention to this.  Ask the Presidents, there are better things to pay attention to.
  • The Michigan sentiment numbers came out worse than expected.  Well, the unemployment number sucks.  We're battered with bad news constantly.  Housing continues to tank.  International strife around the globe's four corners.  Celebrities are dying left and right.  The Yankees are winning.  What could be worse?
  • $20 gallon gas would be worse.
  • Heading to Reno. There will be some rear-end watching. I admit it.  LOL.   Have a great weekend!

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