Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Night Live

Well, quite a week in the market.  Quite a month. The market seems to be anticipating better days ahead. Even the job numbers out today were less horrible than expected.

Quite a week for me medically, as I’ve had a cavity filled, found out I need reading glasses, and was stung by something that caused my whole arm to swell up.  The latter required a trip to the doctor, a tetanus shot, and antibiotics.  Thank goodness we don’t have Obamacare and that I don’t live in Massachusetts, as I was able to see my doctor right away without being placed on a waiting list for a few months waiting for an appointment.  Looks like I get to keep the arm.  For now…

A few things to read:

As for me, I don’t know where he was born and I really don’t care.  I enjoy watching the back and forth between those telling the “truth” and those telling the “lies.”  I’m just not sure who is who.  Or is that whom?  I read somewhere once that people seem to define "truth" as "information that supports my position." They define "lies" as "information challenges what I think I already know."

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