Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wednesday Early Look

  • The market giving some back this morning. Getting the blame is the lower-than-expected ISM number. It game in at 44, rather than the expected 45. Good news? Hey, the private sector only lost 532K jobs in May! Wow, that's fantastic! And if we had only lost 531K jobs, maybe the market would be in the green...
  • I've been thinking about getting the new Kindle DX. It's the larger-sized Kindle coming out June 10th. But then I read about the competition coming (like Google, like an Apple tablet, etc), and I think, why be too early in this market? Prices will come down with competition. Although, I did read that some newspapers will offer big discounts on the Kindle DX with a 12-month subscription to the newspaper. So... We'll see if I get the impulse to go with the Kindle DX. Heck, Amazon is the 800-lb. gorilla in the e-book market.
  • Why not get both a Kindle DX and an Apple Tablet! LOL. We'll know more about Apple's plans next week, eh?
  • Orange Punch's Mark Landsbaum says, "Just thinking out loud here, but what are the ramifications of the government owning big chunks of competing car companies, like the controlling interest the feds now have in General Motors and the lesser share they hold of Chrysler stock? How’s that work?" Clever column!

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