Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tuesday Randomosity

  • GM to give Hummer to Chinese buyer. Yes, I word-smithed the article title a bit. Probably not the first to do that today. Anyway, General Motors Corp. has struck a deal to sell its Hummer truck unit to a Chinese industrial business, the two companies confirmed Tuesday. No word yet if the transaction happened via Craigslist or how many "roses" it cost the Chinese buyer.
  • Probably what we wanted to see market wise. A little sideways nothing after yesterday's move, setting up another move higher. Maybe! I remain 100% in.
  • So I have my cat put to sleep yesterday, and I can't tell you how many impulses I had yesterday to get up and check in on her. When I turned off the lights, I still watched where I stepped.
  • My cat was an indoor cat. But I went out in the yard last night, and the neighbor's cat hopped over the fence and came over to me and rolled over. Strangest thing. I don't know how he knew, but he did. And I appreciated the comfort, Maestro.
  • California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says that "Our wallet is empty" and proposes more cuts. You know, he's right. It took him a long time to deliver on the 2003 "blow up the boxes" pledge, but here it is. It will hurt many who rely on government benefits, but maybe in the long run it's in their best interest. We shall see. Many negotiations to go on the budget.
  • You know, if the market continues to go up, a state like CA that depends on taxing the rich will have a better April 15th next year.
  • The Tonys add 80's band Poison to the show. Unskinny bop.
  • Speaking of, Bret Michaels is at a local Indian casino in a couple of weeks.
  • Treasury Secretary Geithner goes to China to beg them to buy US bonds. We need their money. Perhaps he should've given the same deal to the Chinese that GM did in that first bullet item up top there.

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