Friday, June 19, 2009


  • olivia-wilde The market was up.  Not seeing too much news flow.  At least Yahoo Finance is honest: There is no particular news item to account for the downward move.  Watching bubblevision and it's expiration day, it's iPhone day, it's.... Scrambling for info!  Don't know.
  • Fast Money halftime report talking about First Solar.  LOL.  Good luck!  Solar is expensive.  There's a push for new nuclear power.  Natural gas is cheap right now.  Obama seems to be losing steam on his initiatives.  Etc.  I'm not sure solar is a bit winner right now.
  • Jobless rate in Western US tops 10%.  YIKES!  The region is home to California, where the jobless rate jumped to a record 11.5 percent last month, Nevada, where it's a record 11.3 percent, and other states that have been slammed when the housing boom went bust -- snatching jobs and wealth.  But stores and restaurants seem crowded.  Indian casinos seem crowded.  Maybe the jump from 5% to 11% unemployment included people who didn't eat out, shop, or gamble.  I don't know!
  • Market meltdown or meltup?  Point-counterpoint.  Jane, you ignorant slut!
  • Yes, I could watch the Cubs-Indians game on Chicago's WGN TV station.  But then it's more fun (and cool) to watch the game on for the iPhone!
  • Picture is of Olivia Wilde, from Year One.

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